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Hi, I’m Nicholas

I am a food and wellness coach who helps people to eat well, move well and feel well. I do this through yoga, bodysensing, somatic wellness coaching and nutritional gut health programs.


Being in wonder of how life’s abundance and wisdom is supercharged by nature, I love helping people to experience healthy living through mindfulness, eating for energy as well as growing food well. My discovery of the healing benefits of eating simple whole food has led me to creating mdoerate yet effective gut health programs to heal and that suit any palate and body type.

As a wellness coach, we have to go through our own journey of realization, and my relationship with food or myself wasn’t always a healthy one, it reflected an unconscious way of eating, unaware of my personal blindspots and unhelpful habits until an enlightening journey through India began uncovering my deep seated habits.

The process led me to becoming quite an extreme vegetarian Yogi. And now, being receptive to life’s lessons and vast variables, I have adopted a moderate and holistic approach to food and wellness, and currently work through an emotional, nutritional and body-centered approach.



Hi I’m Yasmin, I’m a Body/Mind coach, Movement Professional, and Somatic movement therapist with a lifelong fascination with health and healing.

In my earlier years as a personal trainer and gym junkie I was obsessed with every form of fitness I experienced, I ran, cycled, swam, lifted weights, taught Step, Aeroskip, Slide, Aerobics, Boxercise, Body Conditioning, Pilates and Yoga with little awareness of Interoception. The ability to sense subtle shifts in body sensation. A practice that happens when you deliberately pause to pay attention to the inner body. Interoception enhances intuition or gut feeling and helps our self-awareness to become embodied. I stumbled upon interoception by accident during my training to become a Pilates teacher specialising in movement rehabilitation in 2004.

My mentor at the time was Elizabeth Bussey an Educator for Polestar Pilates UK. An amazing Movement Professional. Liz introduced me to Tom Myers Anatomy Trains, a whole body approach to Anatomy, and Somatic movement practices like Feldenkrais, Trager and The Franklin method. I found it difficult to slow down and sense my inner body at first, being the goal driven person I was, but my curiosity helped me to continue.

Time becomes timeless when you’re curious and I became aware, awake and captivated with the shift in body sensation in stillness and in motion. Unaware that I was implicitly rewiring my habits and behaviour through movement. A practice experts refer to now as Neuroplasticity.

I can’t tell you how or when I stopped being a gym junkie but what I can tell you is that the more I developed my sense of interoception the easier it became to face life’s challenges with ease and experience what it meant to embody a sense of flow. A feeling of coming home to my body.  Less stressed, letting go of control, no pain and calm energy.