We usually offer the following programs and packages

  • 2 night/3day retreat – Wellness with Mindfulness
    • Our most accessible programme where anyone can get to experience an insight into living well and mindfulness
  • 4night/5day retreat – Embody Wellness Cleanse
    • For those who would like to experience cleansing food programs, to start practicing mindfulness and embodying wellbeing
  • 6night/7day retreat – Embody Wellness Detox
    • For a more tailored experience to get you to where you’re meant to be, you also get to explore a detox program with a personalised clean eating program
  • 1 month and longer retreats – Wellness Immersion to transform your way of being in every way
Retreat,All inclusive Package Price
2night,R3700 - 6500
4night,R5500 - 9500
6night,R15500 - 19500
1month,R35 000 - 50 000