We offer wellness programs that Reduce stress, Relieve pain and Restore wellbeing.

And we host you in calm healing spaces in South Africa

You can heal yourself

And we help you to heal yourself by:

  • giving you a complete wellness cleanse menu of anti-inflammatory and alkaline foods
  • guiding you on nutrition and creating an eating plan that suits your body
  • facilitating mindfulness, somatic movement therapy and body-mind coaching
  • supporting you to shift and grow

The programs vary from wonderful weekend retreats to exclusive week long or month long Immersion Programs. We run them at our own wellness centre in Hermanus or at selected retreat spaces around South Africa – In the Cape, KZN and near Johannesburg.

Nicholas and Yasmin facilitate these exclusive retreats, often for people who want to:

  • Relieve pain and stress
  • Experience what it’s like to feel well and eat well
  • Avoid having back surgery or other surgery
  • Recover from surgery (post operative recovery programs)
  • Come off medication
  • Find a way to resolve chronic illnesses

With I Feel Calm, you get an integrated approach to wellness, which means it not only enlivens your body and mind during your stay, but you will be left with tools to shift to wellbeing.

Our approach involves the domains of Mood, Food, and the Bodyfood-mood-body

It’s especially good for People with discomfort that doesn’t ever really seem to go away, including people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune conditions, chronic back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, etc, as well as for Weight Loss/Gain, Fatigue, Digestive Disorders and Post-operative recovery.

We focus on dealing with all aspects of wellness, not just short term alleviation of the symptoms. And through simple yet highly effective strategies we help you to shift towards your wellbeing so your body comes into balance naturally, this means:

  • Good digestion and healed gut
  • Reduced inflammation and strong immunity
  • Hormones are in balance
  • Move your body like it’s meant to move
  • Manage stress better
  • Lose weight effortlessly, healthfully, long term
  • Feel alive, have clarity and vitality

The wellness program will involve:

  • Gentle mindful movement therapy and gentle yoga
  • A practical way to embody mindfulness
  • Understanding your chemistry, the effect of stress and the infamous 5 fat-causing foods
  • Things you may be doing unknowingly, to sabotage your efforts
  • Reducing sugars, removing toxins and choosing healthier wholefoods
  • Overcoming cravings
  • Knowing which healthy fats and carbs to have
  • Quality nutrients vs quantity of calories
  • Finding the right exercise for YOU
  • Doing regular easy movement routines that renew, restore and rebalance
  • Group discussion sessions so you feel heard and gain insight
  • Committing to a moderate lifestyle plan that works for you
  • Regaining self-confidence and feeling informed