A 5 day mindfulness and wellness retreat to Release Tension and Toxins, Restore wellbeing and Re-align body and mind

“Embody Mindfulness: When you take care of the present moment the future takes care of itself”

If you often feel like: “I’m exhausted”, “I feel overwhelmed”, “I need to calm down”,

“I need to detox”, and “I want to start eating healthy but…”

Come and explore body-centered mindfulness and how to use your body as a mindfulness tool to shift habits through mood, food, language and the body. You get an integrated approach to wellness, which means it not only enlivens your body and mind during your stay, but you will be left with tools to live life better.

outside session

With BodySensing Mindfulness, this retreat will help you:

  • Reduce stress and Relieve pain
  • Restore energy and vitality
  • Reshape body and mind
  • Learn to make wiser choices
  • Live life with purpose.

 This intimate retreat is happening 2 – 6 Dec 2016, an hour and 20min from Cape Town in the quiet coastal town of Hermanus.

On offer…

  • Mindfulness course offering tools for life to practice mindfulness and embody wellbeing
  • Morning and afternoon Bodysensing mindful movement sessions, mindful Yoga and mindfulness meditations daily
  • Daily workshops and discussion sessions
  • Food demonstrations, Guides and InformationIMG-20160816-WA0004
  • Mindful walks in nature – mountains, forest, and along the sea
  • Delicious cleansing foods and drinks – an alkalising detox menu
  • Accommodation in the quiet suburbs of Hermanus
  • Opportunity to do individual sessions with wellness coaches and therapists (not included in the price)


We will also share all about food and mood:

  • Why we crave certain foods, what drives us to select those foods, and how to overcome cravings
  • Top mood-enhancing, hormone-balancing anti-inflammatory foods to include and the worst ones to exclude
  • The integrative way to start resolving lifestyle illnesses and imbalances
  • Developing a better relationship with food and learning to make better choices.
  • How to make your own simple meals and grow superfoods in an urban environment.

nic food demo

This wellness retreat will be co-facilitated by Nicholas McLean and Yasmin Lambat


Yasmin is a Mindfulness Coach and Somatic movement therapist with a fascination for the body/mind connection. It led to her creating a simple movement therapy called Body Sensing. Easier than Yoga or Pilates, Body Sensing influences the nervous system through movement to reduce stress, relieve pain and restore wellbeing.


Nicholas is a food and wellness coach who helps people to eat well, move well and feel well. He facilitates wellness through growing superfoods, bodysensing and yoga therapy, somatic coaching and nutritional healing programs.


Cost for the 4 night Retreat – All Inclusive Rates

R7200 (Get the early bird special of R6800 before 1 Oct!)


Depending on availability, a single supplement may be added if private accommodation is preferred


Additional Therapies:

Life coaching, movement therapy, mind-body coaching – R500/hr

Nutritional consulting and wellness coaching – R400/hr

Integrative body massage and Yoga/movement therapy – R400/hr



4 nights (booking in on Friday 2 December, from 2pm, first session begins at 17:00, Retreat ends on Wednesday 6 Dec after lunch


50% deposit secures your space

To enquire/book contact:

Nicholas 0824379776 retreat@ifeelcalm.com

For more about Body Sensing, go to www.bodysensing.co.za